DW41 Highlights

Characteristic of DW41 Highlights

High liquidity measured
from Bid and Offer

Tight spread

High Gearing / Sensitivity
closes to "1"

Liquidity Level
New DW
Top Volume
DW Code Bid Price Bid Volume
% Change Effective
Sensitivity Sensitivity
(Index Point)
Time Decay (%) Moneyness (%) Last Trading Date
Updated on
(Minimum 15 mins delayed)
Important Tag Description:

Liquidity Level

  • Indication of liquidity level is measured from the Bid and Offer quantity provided by the Market Maker during market making hours. Currently, there are four levels of liquidity with four stars indicating the most liquid structures and 1 star indicating the least liquid structures.
  • The liquidity level is subjected to change during market making hours and is dependent on the liquidity level of the underlying and each DW's specific features. It is also dependent on the discretion of the Market Maker and does not have the objective of providing any investment recommendation.
  • Investors should compare the liquidity level of each DW on the same underlying whilst making an investment decision.

New DW

DWs that are listed no more than 7 calendar days ago.

Top Volume

DW that has the highest volume traded (unit) in the same underlying, exclusive only to structures with liquidity levels of four and three stars.
If there is only one structure which falls into this criteria, the tag will not be displayed.