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Why should you invest in DW?

Less capital required
for initial invesment

Cheaper than investing directly in the underyling and amplifies opportunities on return through effective gearing

Capture potential returns
in any market conditions

Invest in Call DWs during bull markets and Put DWs during bear markets

Limited Loss

Loss limited to initial investment amount with no concerns regarding margin calls

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Unsure how to start investing in DW?

How to trade DW? How to choose DW? Which DW issuer to choose?

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Newly Launched DW41 from J.P. Morgan

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Benefits of investing with DW41

DW41 provides opportunities to both local and foreign markets

Competitive DW Features

Consistently refill Bid - Offer volumes to facilitate constant changes in demand and supply

Real-time Response and Assistance

Dedicated direct hotline for investor inquiries during business hours

DW Price Always Follows the Price Grid in Suitable Liquidity

Latest technology from Hong Kong enables DW price to move accurately accroding to the price grid especially in suitable liquidity

Opportunities to Buy DWs at Cheaper Prices

Exclusive opportunity on foreign underlying DWs. Investors have a higher probability to buy DWs at bid price

Access to Foreign Markets through Foreign Underlying DWs

DW41 from J.P. Morgan, the first issuer with A-shares index DWs