Information on SET50 Index DW41 with competitive features

SET50 Index is one of the representative of the largest market capitalization and highest liquidity Thai stock. Investors can gain the exposure of this index through SET50 DW41 which provide leverage and opportunity during market upside and downside. J.P. Morgan is ready to assist you along every steps of your investment journey

Information on the underlying asset

SET50 DW41 references their price from the most active SET50 index futures contract, which is normally the nearest quarterly month. DWs with maturity of more than one month will roll-over to the new most active futures contract when the current contract is close to maturity

DW Type
Liquidity Level
New DW
Top Volume
DW Code Bid Price Bid Volume
% Change Effective
Sensitivity Sensitivity
(Index Point)
Time Decay (%) Moneyness (%) Last Trading Date
Updated on
(Minimum 15 mins delayed)
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Useful Information

Basic information on SET50 Index and Futures

Information for SET50 Index can be found here
Information for SET50 Index Futures can be found here

Key Different between SET50 Index Futures and SET50 Index DW

SET50 Index DW limits loss to initial investment amount while there is unlimit loss for SET50 Index Futures.