DW41 Price Table

Benefits of Investing in DW41
from J.P. Morgan

US Index DW

Series A - G: High Gearing

Series T - Z: Low Time Decay

HK Stock

A-shares Index

High Liquidity on SET50 Index DW

Liquidity Level
New DW
Top Volume
DW Code Bid Price Bid Volume
% Change Effective
Sensitivity Sensitivity
(Index Point)
Time Decay (%) Moneyness (%) First Trading Date Last Trading Date
Updated on
(Minimum 15 mins delayed)
Useful Information
Can I use price table from other issuers website for DW41 ?
Please use price table from jpmorgandw41.com for DW41 as our market making system will quote based on this price table
What is DW price that is displayed on the price table ?
It is DW bid price as the price table is used to accommodate when investor would like to unwind the position.